Enhancing Departmental Credibility – Design and facilitation of an ‘Improved inter-departmental working’ event


To enhance the inter-departmental working of all teams involved in non-management staff training.

Project stages

  1. Meet with from personnel in all relevant departments to
    • Identify the problems impacting on the effective running and management of training for non-management staff
    • Identify ways to
      • Enhance and improve processes
      • Develop inter departmental communication and working
    • Liaise with Airbus learning and development senior management in relation to the scope and required outputs from the project
  2. Design of a one day off site event, focusing on problem solving, collaboration and effective decision making
  3. Facilitation of the one day event, including capturing outputs and identifying ways to build on the event


  • Discussion of issues impacting with all departments involved in the process
  • Design of a one day off site event, focusing on problem solving, collaboration and decision making
  • Facilitation of a one day off site event
  • Capturing of outputs and identification of ways to build on the event

Client feedback

“Great facilitator – worked well to ensure the workshop was structured”

“Krista kept the day on track and light hearted”

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