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Enhancing Leader and Manager Credibility – ‘Behaving Assertively’ Workshops


Design and deliver a 20 hour learning programme to achieve the BTec Advanced Award/Certificate in the Pindar Way of Management, Unit 8.

Project activities included
Research Meeting –  to discuss the training, and the organisations culture, style and structure.
Pre-course work

  • Design of an Assertiveness development needs questionnaire.
  • Analysis of completed development needs questionnaires
  • Design of workbooks that fulfilled BTEC requirements
  • Design of training materials and resources

Workshop sessions

  • Workshop delivery
  • Assessment of the learning outcomes of each delegate.
  • Recording of individual evidence of achievement


  • All attending successfully achieved the Unit
  • Reported enhanced interdepartmental relationships post course, facilitated by activities in the workshops
  • Positive feedback from the BTec verifier about the course design

Client feedback

“The verifier was very, very impressed with the Behaving Assertively course and said it was one of the best examples of a BTec module he had seen for a long while. Particularly impressed how you used trios for observations on behaviours.”

Judi Jennings
Employee Development Manager, Pindar Set Ltd

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