HatandTShirtHR podcast

‘The why and how of effective HR’

The HatandTshirtHR podcasts are designed for people working in HR who want to have impact and influence and who want to achieve transformational Human Resource Management.

The podcasts  address key issues of Human Resource Management and the discussion focuses on what has to happen to enable effective and transformational human resources.

What the theory says and the issues that need to be considered in practice, to make it work.

Accessing the Podcasts

You will be able to access all the podcasts in the Credible HR Linked In group. Please email hello@thecredibilityexpert.co.uk if you would like to join the group

Podcast #4 Presenting Yourself Effectively

This podcast discusses what is meant by ‘presenting yourself effectively’,  why it is necessary to consider how you are presenting yourself, and strategies to enable you to do so.

Podcast #3 Risk Taking

The focus area of this podcast is Risk Taking, and the podcast explores what sorts of risks HR need to be taking, why taking risks is essential and identifies strategies for risk taking.  

Podcast #1 How we got together

In this podcast Jane and Krista share the story of how ‘HatandTshirtHR’ originated and what they learnt from the process. They share some tips for anyone considering collaborating with others.