Enhancing Departmental Credibility‘Building for the Future’ – Interactive Team Building Event



  • Enable the team to regain its sense of purpose and became the high performing team it once was.
  • Get people to re-connecting and developing again the team spirit that had worked well in the past.
  • Enable people to gain a better understanding of the jobs that each member of the team did and the different personalities and skills were required within the team


The event was extremely successful. The client’s specific outcomes were achieved.
The event achieved several tangible outputs:

  • The event team members were asked to identify what they saw as the key team values and behaviours, and the senior team encapsulated these into the core values and behaviours of the team.
  • Actions plans were agreed to enable the achievement of critical team performance improvement areas, for example, to deliver high customer service levels to internal and external customers, to achieve greater team collaboration, team interaction and team communication, and strategies to deal with issues negatively impacting on team performance
  • There was an identification of where the team was at that time and where it would be at the end of the year, and a plan to get there, that was encapsulated in visual format.
  • There was a high level of commitment and positive intention from those attending to perform as a high performing integrated whole HR team.

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