Design and delivery of learning and development interventions

We use Accelerated Learning techniques and provide interactive, relevant sessions that are designed to enable learning transfer.

Our development programmes are tailored to clients specific needs.  Delivery can be face to face, online or a combination of both.

We offer a complimentary 30 minute meeting to discuss how we can help. To enquire please make contact.

Learning and Development options

Personal Effectiveness Skills

Workshops and courses that focus on developing the skills that impact on personal credibility and performance.

Development Programmes

Workshops and courses that focus on increasing   personal credibility to enable enhanced performance and effectiveness. 

HR Development Programmes

Specifically designed to enhance capability in the knowledge, skills and behaviours required in a HR role.

Programme Feedback

CIPD Trainer Assessment Team Feedback 

“The feedback from those that met you was positive; they would feel comfortable with you working with their clients when suitable opportunities are identified. Those in attendance were pleased with your Sample learning session.

Members of the team that met with you for the sample learning session said they liked your confidence, people skills and the energy and passion displayed. A member of staff said he was disappointed; you will be pleased to discover this was because he wanted the session to go on for longer than the time allocated as it was of genuine benefit to him.

The lack of PowerPoint slides was appreciated by the team who thought it allowed for more creativity and interest”

Delegate feedback 

“A good, interesting course, well delivered points.  A lot taken in”

 “Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter”

“Far wider scope than I had expected – very worthwhile”

 “Couldn’t improve the seminar – first class”

“The best use of three hours all week”

“This is the only training course I’ve enjoyed.  Thank you”

“Great style of training.  By far the best training I’ve been on.  Lots of useful literature.  Not at all like a classroom environment.  Tailored for relevancy and very much adult to adult.  Promoted bonding between the team leaders”