My credentials

I’m an experienced and qualified coach, and follow the guidelines and code of practice of coaching organisations, such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Association of Coaching (AC).

I’ve worked with individuals in a number of organisations including Chester Zoo, Trafford Hall and Siemens.


Coaching focus

The focus of the coaching will depend on the outcomes required by the coachee and their organisation.

Focus areas include building confidence, enhancing performance, dealing with challenging situations. 

I have supported coachees to 

  • be effective in a new role
  • deal with challenging relationships
  • perform in a change management role
  • apply for a more senior role

I bring my extensive experience of the workplace (the good, the bad and the ugly), my knowledge of what is required to be successful in the workplace (the required beliefs, skills and behaviours) and my skills in coaching and in helping people learn and develop (a tool kit of tools and techniques). 

You can find out more about what I offer in the Coaching FAQ’s

I offer a complimentary chemistry conversation. A chat for us to get to know each other and for you to ask any questions you may have, about me, about the issues you want support with, about the coaching process.

You can contact me here.

Coaching Case Study

Coaching Issue:  Dealing with disruptive challenging behaviour

Coachee Role: Senior Manager

The coaching support included

  • discussing the issues impacting
  • identifying information that could assist the manager to deal with the situation
  • discussing the actions that the person could take to manage the situation so the person could continue to be a high performing and effective senior manager.

Coaching Case Studies

Coaching Issue:  Enabling newly appointed managers to be effective in their new roles

Coachee Role: Senior Managers

The coaching support included

  • 121 coaching to identify personal development needs
  • design and development of bespoke ‘Insight’ sessions to explore best practice knowledge and skills development
  • group coaching sessions
  • researching knowledge/skill development options as required

Coaching Issue:  Enabling a middle manager to be successful in applying for a more senior HR role 

Coachee Role: HR Professional

The coaching support included

  • reviewing the job description and the person’s CV
  • exploring the coachees relevant capabilities and experience
  • identifying ways the CV could
  1. communicate personal credibility
  2. be perceived as a match for the role and organisation.

Coaching Issue:  Enabling the increase in confidence and capability of an internally promoted manager

Coachee Role: Middle Manager

The coaching support included

  • exploring the new role and the activities required of it 
  • developing knowledge and skills in three specific areas
  1. assertiveness
  2. dealing with Challenging situations
  3. managing workload and delegation

Coaching Issue:  Identifying strategies to deal with an uncooperative and interfering colleague

Coachee Role: Senior HR Manager

The coaching support included

  • identifying situations when resilience was required
  • exploring personal hot buttons and the impact of them
  • identifying strategies that could be used to deal with the challenging behaviour that were professional, proactive and ethical.
  • exploring ways to manage the relationship positively