As a HR/people professional why do you need to be credible?


Credibility is required to have influence and impact

An effective Human Resources (HR) function is one that has influence and impact in the organisation.

To have impact it’s essential that HR has strategic influence, ideally a seat at the top table.



Credibility helps in being taken seriously and listened to

Having the job title does not automatically lead to having influence and impact.    Being seen as credible means that

as a HR professional you are more likely to be listened to and your views taken into account.


Personal credibility is an essential attribute for a HR Professional.

Support areas for HR Professionals


121 coaching support, focusing on developing personal credibility and enhanced performance and effectiveness.

Personal Effectiveness Skills

Programmes that focus on developing the skills that impact on personal credibility and performance.

HR Specific Development

Programmes that are designed to enhance the knowledge and behaviours required by the ambitious HR professional.

Development Programmes

Programmes that focus on increasing personal credibility to enable enhanced performance and effectiveness.