Write Aligned 

Do you need to write for business, or to achieve personal goals such as writing a book, or a blog, or articles for publication?  

Are you not progressing as you’d like to?


Whether you find yourself procrastinating, or over-thinking, or questioning your abilities, or unable to get into the writing habit, the Write Aligned approach can help.


Write Aligned is a powerful process that helps you to identify and draw on resources to help you in your writing.

The workbook is a self-study resource that takes you through the process step by step. 


The workbook is available to download for £10.


Additional coaching and small group workshops are also available, so please get in touch if you’re interested in these.  


You will receive a £10 discount for any coaching or workshop bookings made within 12 months of purchasing the downloadable workbook.



How to delegate effectively in three simple steps

Seven out of 10 people leave their manager not their organisation. One factor  is the manager’s poor delegation.   

When it is more important than ever to retain employees, being able to delegate effectively will pay back big dividends to you, your team and your organisation.

Benefits of effective delegation

  • Using the organisations resources most effectively – tasks are done by those who should be doing them
  • Having more time to focus on important, value added tasks
  • Cost effective and relevant personal development of your team
How to delegate effectively in three simple steps – Online Programme
Five sessions, including two 60 minute  121 coaching sessions and three 60 minute workshops.  The whole programme is £395 plus vat.

We offer a complimentary 30 minute consultancy call to discuss your requirements.

Email krista@thecredibilityexpert.co.uk to arrange a time to suit.