Why does it benefit organisations to be seen as credible?

The Business Case

Private sector

  • To attract customers, organisations need to be able to communicate what they offer clearly, consistently and credibly.

  • To keep customers, organisations have to ‘walk the talk’, so customers know what to expect in terms of cost, quality and service and that these expectations are met.

Public sector

  • Credibility, or a lack of it, impacts on organisational effectiveness.
  • The clearer the understanding of what the organisation will deliver, and the reason for it, the less confused and distrustful the customer/consumer/end user will be. This results in a reduced likelihood of customer complaints and customer problems.

Why do teams and departments need to be seen as credible?

Organisations are political and competitive

No matter how collaborative an organisation, there is always a degree of competition between teams and departments, for funding/budget allocation, levels of influence and status in the organisation. 

The credibility of any team or department will have an impact on:

Decision making

Which teams and departments ideas/proposals are listened to, are taken seriously, get agreed.

It is essential for long term performance that any organisation makes the best decisions; that the status and influence of certain functions does not have an adverse effect on organisational decision making.

Budget and resource allocation

Which teams and departments get financial support and resources, which get budget cuts or budget increases.

Some departments and functions are seen as more expendable than others. It is essential that every function is valued appropriately in terms of how they contribute to organisational performance.


Support areas for Organisations and Teams


Tailored consultancy support including

  • Research 
  • Project work.


Facilitation of events to enhance team or function collaboration including

  • Collaborative working
  • Team building.

​Development Programmes

Design and delivery of workshops both face to face and online to enhance 

  • Individual credibility
  • Team/function credibility.