Cheshire Constabulary

Enhancing Departmental Credibility‘Achieving Excellent Internal Customer Care’ Training Programme



  • Assist the department to develop its relationships with other departments within the organisation so that the positive perception of the department was increased
  • Enhance the customer care knowledge and skills of all departmental staff
  • Develop inter team communication and working within the department


The programme:

  1.  Performed a benchmarking function that enabled the department to identify the perceptions of staff of the level of customer care given by the department so that it could
    • Identify issues negatively impacting on customer care
    • Capture current levels of customer care knowledge and skills and to be able to identify further development areas e.g. dealing with conflict
    • Capture key data  that could be used to monitor, manage and develop customer care levels in the department
  2. Interdepartmental and cross departmental initiatives including
    • The establishment of a departmental customer service focus group that meets regularly to discuss, manage and monitor customer service
    • Appointment of customer service champions who encourage the development of customer service skills in the department.
    • Circulation of regular information on the HR department to other departments, with the purpose of informing and raising the HR departments profile
    • Appointment of staff members to liaise with other departments
  3. Identified areas impacting on customer care and comment and ideas in these areas was captured and has been used to make changes and improvements in the areas and manage/monitor them via the customer service focus group and champions.

Client feedback

“The Human Resources department of Cheshire Constabulary commissioned Krista Powell Edwards to design and deliver training courses for all staff (approximately 90) in the HR department, entitled ‘Achieving Excellent Internal Customer Care’. The programme was very successful and has enabled us to improve our customer service levels and benefit from enhanced relationships with customers in both qualitative and quantitative ways.”

Elaine Arnot
Head of Support Services, Cheshire Constabulary

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