Wrexham Glyndwr University

Enhancing HR Credibility‘It’s all about Recognition and Reward’ Masterclass


An interactive masterclass for MA Human Resource Management students to enable them to understand the importance and impact of workplace reward and recognition.

The masterclass content included:

  • The impact of recognition and reward on organisational performance
  • Performance and Reward and the CIPD Profession Map
  • Methods of recognition and reward that
    • Motivate
    • Engage
  • Factors that impact on performance
  • Factors that impact on employee engagement –
    • Engaging Managers
    • Strategic Narrative
    • Employee Voice
    • Organisational Integrity
  • Achieving Organisational Integrity through Reward and Recognition


  • Design and delivery of an interactive workshop that received commendations from the University’s MA in Human Resource Management course team
  • Design of activities that could be used by the attendees in the workplace to apply best practice reward and recognition strategies

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