Development Programmes

Development programmes that focus on increasing  personal credibility to enable enhanced performance and effectiveness. 

The programmes below are specifically designed to enable those attending to communicate their credibility.

The Know it AND Show it Masterclass

This programme has been designed in response to the fact that performance only plays a small part in anyone achieving workplace promotion. It is personal visibility and exposure and personal image that matters.  

It is essential to both Know it And Show (you know) It.

The Know it and Show It Programme focuses on strategies that can be used to ethically and effectively demonstrate personal capabilities, performance and potential.

The How to Say No Challenge

Be able to say ‘no’ with Confidence, Credibility and Composure.

Being able to say no is essential. It impacts both on performance and well being.  

Many people find it difficult to say no.   The How to Say No challenge explores the factors that get in the way of saying no, and identifies sustainable and effective strategies that can be implemented to be able to say no and still be seen positively. 

The 7C's of Success

The 7’Cs are the seven key areas that impact on personal performance,  project the right image, and enable visibility and exposure.

‘The 7’C of Success’ programme offers an overview of the seven components that enable someone to  both know it and show they know it  in a way that is authentic and effective. 

First Fridays

A series of interactive webinars focused on developing essential skills and behaviours for optimum performance.

An hour long, usually on the first Friday of the month. Maximum of 25 people for interactivity and discussion.   Free of charge as part of our ‘Positive Impact’ philosophy.