How do you decide who speaks?

As a trainer and developer I facilitate team and group working sessions. One of my priorities is to make every person attending any learning intervention feel as welcome and included as possible. From service quality and engagement research findings I know this is essential. I’ve attended many online meetings recently and I’ve been surprised at […]

How much credibility is enough credibility?

In her book group an author asked group members to vote on two options.  These options were potential ‘back of the book’ information about the author. The two options contained the same information about the author’s relevant work experience and knowledge. However, one option gave more details of specific higher levels of achievement. Essentially, it […]

What does an anaesthetist look like?

I was in hospital for a minor operation. It was early in the morning and a lady in a white coat approached my bed. “I’m the anaesthetist for your operation”, she said. She asked me relevant questions, made notes and went on her way. A few hours later the medical consultants came into the ward […]

Qualifications = Capability?

A very successful entrepreneur told an audience that he didn’t have a business degree. He believed he didn’t need it to be successful. A member of the audience asked him how he was able to get buy in from clients without qualifications. His response was that he delivered results and this was more important to […]

Beware the Heaviness of HIPO’s

HIPO is an acronym for Highly Important Person’s Opinion. In every organization, in every meeting, on every decision, HIPO’s will have an impact. Often HIPO’s are asked for their viewpoint and perspective on matters being discussed. They are listened to and their views taken into account and given more credence than other peoples about a […]

Nuns as Credible Witnesses

One of the factors that impacts on a person’s credibility is their job role.  Every society’s culture will bestow levels of status on roles, and by association on those people in those roles. Status may be underpinned and supported by law. For example lawyers are deemed ‘Credible Witnesses’ in court under British law. Cultural assumptions […]

How do you contribute to your credibility?

To enhance my public speaking skills, I’ve joined Toastmasters. In Toastmasters every speaker is evaluated using a set format. One of the areas evaluated is the speaker’s degree of comfortableness.  When evaluating any speaker, the evaluator is asked to assess “How comfortable was the speaker”? What is ‘comfortable’?   It’s not that easy to extrapolate into specific […]