The Importance of Saying No

 I have delivered over 100 time management courses.  At each course I asked delegates what areas of time management they wanted to improve.  On every course at least one delegate said “Saying no”. Saying ‘no’ is not easy for most people. This article identifies ways you can say no effectively and assertively.

Using Assertiveness to Enhance your Personal Power

Assertiveness is very often misunderstood. People are not formally taught assertiveness as they are History or English, so it’s not surprising that many people are unsure about what it is and isn’t.  So it’s important to know what assertiveness is and how to use it to enhance your personal power when required. This article identifies […]

The Stepped Model of Assertiveness

In the workplace conflict is a given.  It is essential to be able to stand up for your rights and to do so with confidence, credibility and composure. Key to doing this is behaving assertively. One of the most useful assertiveness tools that I have found to date is the Stepped Model of Assertiveness. This […]

How to Deal Professionally with Difficult People

You may not be able to like everyone you meet or interact with, but you can deal with everyone professionally.  There are many benefits for doing so including increased self-respect more positive working relationships being seen as someone who is collaborative and a team player, and can deal effectively with challenging situations. This will impact […]

The Book of No

by Susan Newman PhD    On every one of the many time management training programmes that I have delivered – over 100 – when exploring personal learning objectives, someone says they want to learn how to ‘Say No’.   So it’s a big issue. The good news is that if you want to be able to say […]

In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People

by George K. Simon Jr.  This book focuses on explaining and exploring covert aggressive behaviour.  Workplace conflict is on the rise according a CIPD research survey[1] in which employers confirm that the “scale of workplace conflict is remarkable”. Conflict is demonstrated by aggressive behaviour.  Openly aggressive behaviour is overt and tangible and is therefore easy […]

Assertiveness at Work

by Ken and Kate Back “Being assertive does not compromise empathy” was the most useful learning made by a delegate attending a seminar I recently delivered, ‘Handling Challenging Conversations’. I’m cheered by this feedback, as it’s my experience – gained from delivering 100’s of courses that cover behaving assertively, managing conflict and dealing with challenging […]