What every People Manager needs to know

If you are new to managing people there is a lot to learn, usually in a very short space to time.   From my experience two models will help you know the key requirements of being a people manager, and will go a long way to help you perform effectively. This article summarises the two models […]

Qualifications = Capability?

A very successful entrepreneur told an audience that he didn’t have a business degree. He believed he didn’t need it to be successful. A member of the audience asked him how he was able to get buy in from clients without qualifications. His response was that he delivered results and this was more important to […]

Capability at Work

by Paul Matthews A pdf file of the review can be found here Why read this book? As a learning and development consultant I have met with clients who have a performance problem and they tell me they want me to design and deliver a training programme to solve it. Further questioning reveals that a […]

The Power of Focus

by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Hewitt This is a superb book which I highly recommend.   Its strap line is “How to hit your business, personal and financial targets with absolute certainty”. The book identifies 10 strategy areas of focus: Habits – successful people have successful habits Build on your strengths not weaknesses Designing […]