Why do you need to be seen as credible at work?

At work credibility matters because

Credibility impacts on promotion

When promotion decisions are being made, performance is much less important than personal image and visibility/exposure (10%, 30%, 60%). Source : H. Coleman ‘The Organizational Game Revealed’.

This means that it is essential to be visible and to have an effective personal image, as well as performing. To enhance personal credibility, the three areas will need to communicate a consistent message about you.

Credibility impacts on influencing others

Some people influence group decisions more than others, and this will be due to the person’s credibility. If you look and sound credible, people are more likely to listen to what you say.  You are more likely to get the outcomes you want and feel are important, and not be ignored or ‘walked over’.

Credibility impacts when leading and managing

“Credibility is about how leaders earn the trust and confidence of their constituents” ‘Credibility’ Kouzes and Posner.

If you are a manager and leader your credibility will impact on your role effectiveness.

  • Part of your  credibility will come from your role authority, track record, expertise.
  • Part of your credibility will come from your relationship with team members, your personal conviction, congruence and confidence.

Support areas for leaders, managers and individuals


121 coaching support, focusing on developing personal credibility and enhanced performance and effectiveness.

Personal Effectiveness Skills

Programmes that focus on developing the skills that impact on personal credibility and performance.

Development Programmes

Programmes that focus on increasing  personal credibility to enable enhanced performance and effectiveness. 

HR Professional Development

Programmes  specifically designed to enhance capability in the knowledge, skills and behaviours required in a HR role.