by Steve Andreas

There are two books in this series and they are written to be read together, and in order, as the subheadings indicate: –

  • Volume 1 – Fundamental Principles of Scope and Category
  • Volume 2 – Applications and Explorations of Scope and Category.

These are “weighty” titles and descriptions and reflect the content of the books. They are not “light reads” – they are complex and challenging to assimilate in places.

So why read them?

Because they will prove extremely rewarding for anyone who has an interest in communication and wants to understand what, why and how they communicate with themselves and others, and who is willing to give the books the concentration they require.

I have extensive knowledge and experience of communication, verbal and non-verbal, intra-and inter-personal. These books raised my knowledge and understanding to a higher level. They provide much insight into how we communicate, and how we can communicate with ourselves and others much more effectively.

Of note

  • the chapter summaries are useful  – they help to place the concepts and ideas in a structure
  • The depth of analysis is exceptional
  • The many examples of scope, category, criteria etc
  • Some very accessible ideas, for example, prototypes, judgement and preferences that can be immediately applied and used
  • Numerous practical exercises to apply the ideas
  • For those with NLP knowledge it provides insight into some NLP presuppositions and why NLP techniques are effective
  • The distinctions and precision of differences, very useful in communication and being aware of the potential for ambiguity and miscommunication




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