How to Say it For Women, Communicating with Confidence and Power

by Phyllis Mindell This is an excellent book useful for anyone who wants to enhance their communication skills. 15 chapters explore the way people communicate, and how communication impacts on credibility and influence.  Each chapter contains advice, tips, strategies and techniques to assist the reader to communicate with confidence and power. Chapter One – ‘Leave […]

How to Engage and Inspire Audiences

by Chris Atkinson The author is certainly practising what he preaches with an engaging layout. This book looks interesting to read. Each of the chapters has a colour theme with headings and block text in that colour. Graphics and diagrams capture the reader’s attention and reinforce key points. I reviewed the book with an extensive […]

How to get on with Anyone

by Catherine Stothart This is a serious book for anyone who is serious about being able to communicate effectively with others. Communication is complex and it is not easy to communicate effectively. So I know the author set herself a challenge in writing a book that offers a formula to enable effective communication with anyone. […]

The Art of Connecting

by Claire Raines and Lara Ewing The subtitle of this book summarises what it’s about:- “How to overcome differences, build rapport and communicate effectively with anyone”. In the first chapter there is an introduction to four people who are Masters of Connection.  The authors analyse what makes these people masters of connection. What the four […]

Clean Language – Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds

by Wendy Sullivan and Judy Rees Words can be misinterpreted. Clean Language is a tool to help avoid misinterpretations.  Clean language may be something very new to many of you. If you want to know more I highly recommend this book. It takes the reader through what clean language is, its purpose and how to use […]

How to talk to anyone – 92 little tricks for Big Success in Relationships

by Leil Lowndes This is a super book, short, readable and very practical. The book is split into several sections and each has a description and a “How to”. Some of the strategies you will be already doing, but there is enough in this book for everyone to find it useful. An example:-   She suggests […]

6 Blind Elephants – Understanding Ourselves and Each Other

by Steve Andreas There are two books in this series and they are written to be read together, and in order, as the subheadings indicate: – Volume 1 – Fundamental Principles of Scope and Category Volume 2 – Applications and Explorations of Scope and Category. These are “weighty” titles and descriptions and reflect the content […]