The 7C's of Success

The 7’Cs are the seven key areas that impact on personal performance,  project the right image, and enable visibility and exposure.

‘The 7’C of Success’ programme offers an overview of the seven components that enable someone to  both know it and show they know it  in a way that is authentic and effective

Performing well is not enough.

In both the employed and self-employed work environment performance does not necessarily lead to success.  In fact performance plays a very small part in achieving business success.

H. Coleman,  In his book ’Empowering Yourself,  The Organizational Game Revealed’  identified that in terms of being promoted,  10% of the weight is  allocated to performance, 30% to image and 60% to visibility and exposure. In the self-employed world if you’re not visible to potential clients, you’re at a huge disadvantage. (This is the reason why well-known brands invest time and money in being visible).

It’s essential to be visible, have an appropriate image, as well as performing.

How can this be achieved?

By the ’7C’s of Success’ strategy.   The ‘7C’s’ are seven components that are required to Know It – that is to perform as required –  and to Show that you Know It, your visibility and exposure and the appropriate image.

We help individuals, teams and organisations communicate the 7C’s.

Case Study Examples

Bob Parry Estate Agents and Valuers

Cheshire Constabulary

Chester, Ellesmere Port and North Wales Chamber of Commerce

We have designed and delivered numerous workshops for clients.

Example titles

  • Positive Influence and Impact
  • Communicate with Confidence, Credibility and Control
  • Confident and In Control
  • Risk Taking for Professionals
  • Networking and Raising your Visibility
  • Professional Proactivity
  • Dealing Effectively with Challenging Situations
  • Your Personal Impact
  • Negotiating Confidently
  • Credibility through Confident Communication
  • Credibility through Walking the Talk
  • Communicating Confidently
  • Managing your Hot Buttons in any Situation
  • Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
  • Demonstrating credibility

First Friday sessions

Our First Friday on-line session topic areas are all designed to help those attending ‘Know it and show they know it’, using the 7C’s of Success components as the foundation approach.