by Chris Atkinson

The author is certainly practising what he preaches with an engaging layout.

This book looks interesting to read. Each of the chapters has a colour theme with headings and block text in that colour. Graphics and diagrams capture the reader’s attention and reinforce key points.

I reviewed the book with an extensive knowledge and experience of group training and facilitation. What the author does exceptionally well is to identify and impart the most useful and impactful elements of effective group training/facilitation design and delivery. 

This book will be useful to anyone, whatever their knowledge and experience.   The author gives a valid rationale for his recommendations. This helps the reader recognise what worked/didn’t work in the past, and provides a motivation to change.

The tips and ideas are accessible, easy to apply and use in practice. Often the tips are ‘tweaks’ to enhance and improve delivery effectiveness; little changes that will have a big positive impact.

Although the focus of the book is face to face audiences, the information can be applied to on-line learning.  In particular, the PowerPoint selection section provides best practice advice that would be invaluable for anyone moving from face to face to on-line interactions.

Fundamentally, ‘this is a book about how to communicate’ as the author asserts in the introduction


Originally reviewed in ‘Training Journal’




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