by Leil Lowndes

This is a super book, short, readable and very practical.

The book is split into several sections and each has a description and a “How to”.

Some of the strategies you will be already doing, but there is enough in this book for everyone to find it useful.

An example:-  

She suggests you don’t ask a new acquaintance “What you do?” as this could negatively impact on your potential relationship by embarrassing the other person if for example they have to say “I’m not working“, or by making them aware of differences in status, “I’m just an MD“.

Instead she suggests you enquire “How do you spend most of your time”

The benefits of this approach –

  • The other person has much more choice in what they say
  • You come over as interested in them and not their status as defined by their job

The focus is on how to communicate with others so that you come across as a big cat i.e. someone who comes over very well (professionally and positively) whilst ensuring the other person feels great about themselves.

Highly recommended.

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