by Genie Z Laborde

The subtitle for this book is ‘Management skills for communication and negotiating – learn the secrets of communication excellence’.  This is essentially what the book is about.

The first chapter explores Outcomes. The first step towards mastery of communication is to know what outcome is wanted from the communication. ‘Communication without a desired outcome is like travelling without a destination’. The components of effective outcomes are explained, for example, stated positively and based on sensory evidence: – ‘When I achieve my outcome what will I see, hear, feel?’


The second chapter stresses the importance of Rapport in communication and identifies several ways to achieve rapport, for example, matching breathing, voice tone, body position.


The next chapter is about Perception, and how perception is created. Perception is personal reality, and personal perception is based on personal experience and personal choice of what is chosen to be seen, heard, felt, and the meaning made of the choices.


The chapter on Sensory acuity identifies that everyone uses all their senses to gain information about the world, about other people, and that senses can be developed to help in communication and influencing.


The chapter entitled Five finger pointers provides a process by which language can be used to more effectively communicate and influence. The author states ‘These five questions are the most useful set of words you will ever learn’.


The Meeting procedures chapter applies the information from previous chapters to a specific communication arena, that of meetings, together with a process to achieve effective meetings.

The next chapter discusses Flexibility. ‘The meaning of every communication is the response you get.’ The key to getting the outcome required is to be flexible and take different approaches if required.


The next two chapters focus on Selling and Negotiating.


UNICORN is the mnemonic device for a sales call – each letter being a key element of an effective sales call.


In negotiating the author uses the mnemonic CHANGE REALITY to identify strategies that can be used to negotiate effectively.


The final area covered is Congruence. Congruence is one of ‘the three attributes of communication excellence’, the others being sensory acuity and flexibility. The author demonstrates a process to get personal congruence and alignment.



This book explains communication in ‘lay mans’ language and offers useful examples of communication in practice, techniques to use to enhance communication, and to enable influence that is ecological and in the best interests of all parties in the communication. The book is useful for anyone who wants to enhance their communication and influencing skills.


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