Ten Tips for Effective Influence

According to John Hancock “The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and to influence their actions”.       How can you do that in practice?  In this article Krista Powell Edwards shares 10 tips to help to develop personal influencing skills.

How to Say what you Mean and Mean what you Say

What is authenticity and why does it matter?  The definition of authentic is ‘The quality or condition of being authentic, trustworthy or genuine’ Authenticity matters because it impacts on the level of trust that people have with other people. How to communicate with Authenticity and Conviction?   Communicate Congruence. This article explains how.

Influencing with Integrity

by Genie Z Laborde The subtitle for this book is ‘Management skills for communication and negotiating – learn the secrets of communication excellence’.  This is essentially what the book is about. The first chapter explores Outcomes. The first step towards mastery of communication is to know what outcome is wanted from the communication. ‘Communication without a […]

Voice of Influence

by Judy Apps This is essential reading for anyone who wants to improve their verbal communication. It focuses on how to use the voice to influence powerfully and communicate effectively. We use our voice to communicate in many situations – in meetings, when makingpresentations, on the telephone, in one-to-one or group discussions. These are all opportunities […]

Words that Change Minds

by Shelle Rose Charvert I first came across this book when I was researching Influence. The contention of the book is that the words that people use tell us a great deal about their motivation and work traits. By asking certain questions you can find out their preferences. This information can be used in a […]