by Claire Raines and Lara Ewing

The subtitle of this book summarises what it’s about:-

“How to overcome differences, build rapport and communicate effectively with anyone”.

In the first chapter there is an introduction to four people who are Masters of Connection.  The authors analyse what makes these people masters of connection. What the four people have in common is distilled into a model – the Core Principles of Connection.

The Core Principles of Connection are:-

  • There’s always a bridge
  • Curiosity is key
  • What you assume is what you get
  • Each individual is a culture
  • No strings attached


These principles are explored in detail in the book.

The following chapters focus on how anyone can use the Core Principles to connect.  In relation to behaviour in any situation where the objective is to build a connection, firstly personal intention needs to be clarified, the reaction to the other person has to be noticed, there has to be a search for similarity, and to connect there is a need to use cues, to  experiment and to adjust.

An example demonstrates that no matter how different people are to their audience, it is possible to make a connection using the Core Principles.

The authors identify a technique to help people connect with  others – looking at the situations from three perspectives – ‘the passport to flexibility’.

A chapter is dedicated to working with differences in groups. This chapter is very useful reading for managers, team leaders, trainers and facilitators.

To help with practicing making connections the authors provide three scenarios to consider – ‘challenging real-life work situations that deal with differences’.

There are seven learning activities, and the authors advise – “if you are a leader in search of team building or workshop activities that help people to close the diversity gap, this chapter is for you”.

Finally the reader has the opportunity to self-assess current connecting effectiveness.

Who is the book useful for?

Anyone who is interested in enhancing their influencing and rapport building skills


  • Easy to read, clear language, jargon free
  • Practical
  • Lots of real life examples
  • A versatile, easy to use model
  • Fully detailed learning activities

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