by Prof Steve Peters


In terms of its impact I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Steve Peters presents his mind model in a way that makes sense. The book cover claims it will enable the reader to ‘Recognise how your mind is working
Understand and manage your emotions and thoughts. Manage yourself and become the person you would like to be’

Quite a claim, however, the book delivers:-

  • In recognising how my mind is working, I can put strategies in place to support what I want to do, am doing.
  • In understanding my emotions and thoughts, I am able to acknowledge and accept the thoughts and emotions that surface, and manage them.
  • In managing myself and becoming the person I want to be, I understand there is always a choice to be made in the response to the thoughts and emotions.

The book provides techniques, strategies and exercise to help make the choices that will best serve me and others.

I have had several moments of illumination. One such lightbulb learning moment.

I now understand why if I woke up in the middle of the night I very often felt worried about an issue. I now know to say to myself, ‘that’s the Chimp talking, no need to fret, go back to sleep and revisit that issue in the morning’.

Understanding how my mind works allows me to accept the thought, acknowledge it and work out a strategy to deal with it so I get the outcome I want, in this case, a better quality of sleep.



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