Ten Tips to Create the Right Impression

You’re looking for that new job or promotion at work. You have the required skills, knowledge and attitude to do the job and be successful at it How do you convince others? How do you market yourself appropriately?   This article give ten tips.

The Image Factor

by Eleri Sampson You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover’ is sage advice. In reality people do assess other people  by their image as the focus on image management demonstrates. in terms of being assessed for promotion, image counts for more than performance (30% to 10% respectively)1 your image impacts on your credibility   […]

How to Know It AND Show You Know It

Are you aware that when being considered for promotion, three factors impact on your chance of success?  Coleman in his book ‘Empowering yourself – the organizational game revealed’ cites these three factors – P.I.E. – as the formula for success. You need to perform well, communicate the right image, and manage your exposure so the […]

The Chimp Paradox 

by Prof Steve Peters Genius.  In terms of its impact I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Steve Peters presents his mind model in a way that makes sense. The book cover claims it will enable the reader to ‘Recognise how your mind is workingUnderstand and manage your emotions and thoughts. Manage yourself and become the […]