by Eleri Sampson

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover’ is sage advice.

In reality

  • people do assess other people  by their image as the focus on image management demonstrates.
  • in terms of being assessed for promotion, image counts for more than performance (30% to 10% respectively)1
  • your image impacts on your credibility


Knowing that image is important is one thing. Knowing how to project the right image is another.   Where to start?  This book offers direction.  It’s subtitled ‘A guide to effective self presentation for career enhancement’

The book comprises seven chapters

Chapter 1 – What is the ‘image factor?’
This chapter explores what an image is, why image is important and elements of personal image.

Chapter 2 – Communication, covers first impressions, the language of clothes, body language and presence, reputation and  visibility, and self marketing

Chapter 3 – Projecting a professional image.

This chapter explores professional impact, image stealers, business grooming, professional dressing

Chapter 4 ‘Know yourself’ – your personality and clothes, colour, design

Chapter 5 – Organisation and planning, includes wardrobe management and building an appropriate business wardrobe

Chapter 6 – Personal style.

This chapter covers individual image, primary style characteristics and
style preferences

Chapter 7 – What to wear to what.

This chapter covers dressing for the event, preparation and
research, event checklist, and enhancing the message.

The book also contains a reading list and index. The book focuses on all aspects of image, appearance, dress, verbal and non-verbal communication,
ways of communicating expertise and ways of increasing visibility.

There are lots of quizzes, checklists, activities and ideas of how to enhance your image.

An excellent book to read if you want to know it and show you know it, and communicate a credible image.


1 H Coleman ‘Empowering Yourself – The Organizational Game Revealed


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