by Martin Perry

This book is for ‘anyone whose natural talent and abilities are hampered by self-doubt. It
provides a clearly structured route to building confidence and self-esteem’

I highly recommend this book for several reasons.

It’s very easy to read.  Each chapter is short with a mix of layouts, font sizes.  It’s visually interesting with lots of diagrams, pictures and colour.

The book is split into 10 steps which are chapters focusing on particular areas, for example Step 4 – Saying No Assertively.

Each chapter has a self-test so you can gauge your current performance.

There are several case studies of how people have applied the techniques and approaches suggested in the chapter, and exercises are supplied which helps the reader apply the  techniques to their own situations.

The book is relevant for anyone – the structure means that you can dip in to focus on particular areas that will be of most benefit to you, or you could read the whole book.

The ‘dip in’ approach means that you can revisit the book and get some reminders if there is a situation for which you want to have maximum confidence.

The book is practical and accessible and full of exercises that are time effective and uncomplicated.


© Krista Powell Edwards 2021

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