Credible HR

Development options specifically designed for these working in Human Resources (HR).

We offer specific support for HR professionals who want to communicate high levels of credibility.

The Credible HR programme focuses on participants acquiring the required knowledge, skills and behaviours to be exemplary HR professionals

Current Programmes

Professional Courage and Influence Mastery

Professional Courage and Influence requires communicating with impact, having the courage to challenge, and using high level influencing skills. This programme is specifially designed to enable HR professionals to demonstrate this essential HR behaviour.

A course outline can be found here.

Situatational Decision Making Mastery

Making effective decisions is not easy. It requires the ability to source the valid information, and the skills and capability to identify, understand and manage the factors that impede decision making. The programme covers the requirements of the CIPD core behaviour ‘Situational Decision Making’.

A course outline can be found here.

HR case Studies

CIPD Hertfordshire Branch

Online Workshop

‘How HR can maximise their Impact and Influence’

CIPD Central London Branch

Interactive Workshop

‘Being Personally Credible’ 

Wrexham Glyndwr University


‘It’s all about Recognition and Reward’