by Lois P Frankel

Do you want to increase your influence and other people’s perception of your authority and power?

If so, this book will help.

The book identifies ways that many girls and women behave that are a result of their socialisation. “Nice” girls wait to be asked, expect their efforts will be noticed by others, are modest and cooperative.

The author points out that some of these lessons are not so useful in the competitive business environment and she suggests ways that women can behave more effectively in terms of ensuring they are listened to and are perceived as effective.

I particularly like the format. The types of mistakes are grouped into chapters and each mistake is explained and then coaching tips on how to overcome the mistake are given. The reader can note where he/she wants to take further action.

The book is very readable and focuses on correcting the little, subtle behaviours that are less useful and that contribute greatly to other people’s perceptions of personal power and effectiveness.

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