Capability at Work

by Paul Matthews A pdf file of the review can be found here Why read this book? As a learning and development consultant I have met with clients who have a performance problem and they tell me they want me to design and deliver a training programme to solve it. Further questioning reveals that a […]

How to Say it For Women, Communicating with Confidence and Power

by Phyllis Mindell This is an excellent book useful for anyone who wants to enhance their communication skills. 15 chapters explore the way people communicate, and how communication impacts on credibility and influence.  Each chapter contains advice, tips, strategies and techniques to assist the reader to communicate with confidence and power. Chapter One – ‘Leave […]

How to Engage and Inspire Audiences

by Chris Atkinson The author is certainly practising what he preaches with an engaging layout. This book looks interesting to read. Each of the chapters has a colour theme with headings and block text in that colour. Graphics and diagrams capture the reader’s attention and reinforce key points. I reviewed the book with an extensive […]

How to get on with Anyone

by Catherine Stothart This is a serious book for anyone who is serious about being able to communicate effectively with others. Communication is complex and it is not easy to communicate effectively. So I know the author set herself a challenge in writing a book that offers a formula to enable effective communication with anyone. […]

Quietly Confident

by Terry Gillen I’ve known the author for several years. He is an experienced author and trainer. I know he invests extensive time and effort into his training and writing so I was very interested to learn what he had to say in his book ‘Quietly Confident’. The sub title of the book is ‘How […]

The Image Factor

by Eleri Sampson You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover’ is sage advice. In reality people do assess other people  by their image as the focus on image management demonstrates. in terms of being assessed for promotion, image counts for more than performance (30% to 10% respectively)1 your image impacts on your credibility   […]

Feel the fear and do it anyway

by Susan Jeffers If you are considering making big changes in your life and are fearful of doing so, this is the book to read. It’s equally useful if you want a greater insight into the role fear has on your life.In the introduction Jeffers states ‘this book will give you the insight and tools […]

Influencing with Integrity

by Genie Z Laborde The subtitle for this book is ‘Management skills for communication and negotiating – learn the secrets of communication excellence’.  This is essentially what the book is about. The first chapter explores Outcomes. The first step towards mastery of communication is to know what outcome is wanted from the communication. ‘Communication without a […]

Communicate with Confidence

by Dianna Booher If you want just one book to assist you to communicate confidently when required, then this is the book for you. The book contains 1042 tips, with advice on how to manage every aspect of workplace communication. The tips are arranged into 23 chapters which cover specific communication skills, for example: ‘listening until […]

The Chimp Paradox 

by Prof Steve Peters Genius.  In terms of its impact I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Steve Peters presents his mind model in a way that makes sense. The book cover claims it will enable the reader to ‘Recognise how your mind is workingUnderstand and manage your emotions and thoughts. Manage yourself and become the […]